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Mrs. Hartley will be using an iPad in the library with students this year! Very exciting! Here are some of the applications (apps) she has explored for the new 2010-2011 school year. Parents, Take Note: Many apps are available on both iPad and iPod Touch or iPhone. Some apps translate better on the larger iPad screen, especially if they are going to be used by more than one student at a time, as in pairs or small groups.



Discovery Education

FREE. DiscoveryEducation.PNGAccess Discovery Education UnitedStreaming videos on your iPad!

NOTE: This is actually a mobile app, not an app from iTunes. Just go to from the iPad. After you have logged in with your Discovery Education username and password, click the + sign and select "Add to Home Screen." Discovery Education will appear as if it were a downloaded app. Now you can search videos and more. Students can view streaming video on the iPad, as a center activity, or as an information resource.

As of October 2010, this web app does not interface well on the iPod Touch.

Dragon Dictation


by Nuance Communications

FREE. Dragon Dictation is a speech-to-text app listed in the Business category for iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone, but I see lots of possibilities for use in education, especially for kids who have difficulty writing. It would also be a great way for kids to practice speaking clearly and articulately.external image mzl.ebgcjvmq.320x480-75.jpg

Here's how it works: Tap the red button to start recording. Speak into the microphone (the iPad version even points you to the mic on the upper left corner.). Tap the screen when you are finished. Wait a moment and your speech becomes written text on the page.Like magic. You have the option to change or delete words in the new text (for instance, if you repeated yourself or made a mistake.) An icon at the bottom brings up the keyboard so you can add spaces, punctuation, correct spellings if needed. I tried longer passages and several family names and they came up correctly. I even said "Hartley" and "hardly" and they were transcribed correctly. The new text can be cut or copied into another document (Notes?) or shared via e-mail, Twitter, FaceBook. For now, Dragon Dictation can be set for American English, British English, or German, with more languages in the works. (For fun, I tried "Como esta usted?" in Spanish and it came out as "Call my stylist dead." I spoke the first paragraph of this description and there was only one mistake--"to" instead of "who."

Lego Photo

by The Lego Group

FREE.external image mzl.dozaczuu.320x480-75.jpg This great app is very easy to use and transforms your high-contrast photos into Lego creations. Also works on iPod Touch. It doesn't work so well on photos that have a lot of detail, but you soon learn what makes for a good Lego photo. There are several color combinations and you can keep tapping the screen until you see the one you like, then tap the blue "i" square and Save your creation. Close-up pictures of kids against a plain background work well, so I think this would be a great app for kids to create their own avatars for Web 2.0 projects. I couldn't help myself. I made a Lego photo of our school mascot, the Steed Charger, using a saved clip art:


by Humble Daisy

$2.99. It's easy to make slideshow movies using your own photos and recording your own narration. Upload one or more pictures from yourcheckoutSonicPics.PNG Photos. Record your narration for each photo. Share your new enhanced m4v file via YouTube, e-mail, or by WiFi to your computer!

We will be using this app a lot for digital storytelling and oral presentations. Since the iPad has a built-in microphone, it's oh-so-simple to use, and the audio quality is very good. There are 3 audio settings--good, better, best. On an iPod Touch, you will need a microphone accessory, or a 4th generation device with built-in microphone. Eager to try this one out for podcasting.

123 World

by KidCalc

external image mzl.lwamwips.320x480-75.jpg
$0.99 on sale as of October 2010. We love the other KidCalc apps (123 Color and KidCalc 7-in-1external image mzl.wkdqnxsw.320x480-75.jpgMath Fun) and this one is a winner!, too. 123 World is perfect for younger kids who are learning the continents and getting to know the shapes and locations of countries. Available on iPod Touch as well as iPad.

The app starts out as a matching game--match the numbers, letters (either upper or lower-case), or just choose your own colors for any of the 10 maps. The really neat thing is that after successfully matching or coloring an area, a red map pin pops up with the name of the continent/country/ocean, as well as an arrow which brings up a Google Map of the locale. Kids can zoom in and out of the map. (I saw fluffy white clouds over Namibia.) This is a great app for kids to explore the world. In the settings, you can choose to hear global background music! Listen to Havana, Shetland, Tigris, Sanskrit, Lotus, Shogun, Tennessee...

Writer's Studio

by miSoft

$0.99. Available for iPad and iPod Touch. external image mzl.kacyevve.320x480-75.jpgWonderful for digital storytelling and publishing student-created books! This terrific app gives you everything you need to write and create pages or books, with art, text, music, and narration. Kids can draw and add text, add shapes (such as circles for Venn Diagrams), and do their own narration. They can import photos or graexternal image mzl.fetsuuxc.320x480-75.jpgphics from their Gallery and create books. Great for publishing poems and stories, along with original artwork and the student's voice reading his/her creation aloud. Have fun with your spelling or vocabulary words! This app alone makes me wish we had a whole set of iPads. We will be putting Writer's Studio on our iPod Touch sets for sure!

BrainPOP Featured Movie

FREE App. external image mzl.rzkvxhjl.320x480-75.jpgAlso available for iPhone, iPod Touch, but comes across so well on the iPad. Short, fun educational videos starring Tim and Moby. Play the movie, take the quiz, see your scores. Every day there is a different Featured Movie, which you can see for free. BrainPOP is a subscription website, but there are always some free movies and related activities. Free Stuff on BrainPOP

Professor Garfield Online Safety and Professor Garfield Cyberbullying

FREE. Kids can read the cartoons, and interact with the "Try and Apply" sections to learn how to use the Internet safely and deal with cyberbullying. Created by Infinite Learning Lab .
external image mzl.wpecqvel.480x480-75.jpg

Math Bingo


external image mzl.xjvuzurh.320x480-75.jpgCosts $0.99, and available for iPod Touch as well as iPad. Lots of fun. Solve 5 equations in a row, just like Bingo. Choose from addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. 3 levels of difficulty. Choose from 8 cartoon avatars. Collect and play with BINGO Bugs when you make a high score.

123 Color HD Talking Coloring Book for iPad

Costs $3.99. external image mzl.kuurcyxm.480x480-75.jpgYour kids will think they're coloring a picture, but they are really matching numbers and letters (uppercase and lowercase) to fill in the picture. There are 4 categories of pictures--shapes, cartoons, world maps, and more cartoons. There's also an option to hear the numbers in Spanish, French, or German. When kids color the World Map, the name of the continent pops up, and kids can follow the arrow to a Google Map of the world. It costs $1.99 extra to purchase the continent maps.

Popplet Lite

by Notion

FREE. For sharing visual ideas, brainstorming, diagrams, scrapbooks. Put notes or photos on your board and draw links between them. See a preview video of Popplet Lite on the iPad here.

World Book's This Day in History

FREE. external image mzl.vvjgcptx.480x480-75.jpgThis iPad only app is easy to use and shows 3-4 events for each day. There are links to short articles for each link. Up at the top there is a calendar icon, where you can select any month and day. See what happened in history on your birthday! Would be great as a research center activity in the library or classroom.

Note: There is also a World Book This Day in History app for the iPhone or iPod Touch, produced by World Book and Software MacKiev. It costs $0.99, however, and as of October 2010, only lists events that happened on certain day in history. It does not have the interactive features or links that the iPad version (free) offers. The app store description asks the buyer to "stay tuned" because pictures, sounds, music, speeches and articles will soon be linked from the World Book Multimedia Encyclopedia for Macintosh and Windows.


by Hansol Huh

$1.99. This is one of my new favorite apps. Create pictures with your own words. You can choose the font, size, colors, and put in your own text. Backgrounds can be black, white, or a photo.

I think students could use this app to play with spelling words, write poems, make art with their names and favorite things. (As for me, I love Mo Willems' Pigeon.) I have found that if you start to create a picture with an outline shape from your photo library for the background, you can then trace your words along the lines. Then just switch the background to either white or black. The outline disappears, but your words are perfectly in line.

There is also a FREE version for iPod Touch, which is similar to the iPad version, but without some of the options to save as PDF, png, etc.

I'm really looking forward to using this app with students in 2010-2011!

Doodle Buddy

by Pinger

FREE. Great for any age. Also for iPod Touch. Draw with your fingers,external image mzl.ycfluxex.480x480-75.jpg
use stamps, change colors and effects (brush,
chalk, glitter, smudge) and erase. There are also
several background options, including tic-tac-toe, hangman, and dot-to-dot, black, white, and photos. Drawings can be saved to Photos or e-mailed.
Easy to use. Useful for hangman and other game options. Shake iPad to clear your drawing and start over.


by Assistyx LLC

FREE. Helps to give nonverbal childreexternal image mzl.vsvymqgg.320x480-75.jpgn a voice. Available on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Makes communication fun. You can pay extra to customize more talking albums. Visit the TapToTalk website.

iPod Touch

(In September 2009, Mrs. Hartley and Ms. Paradise presented a session at EncycloMedia about the iPod Touch and how we used it at Steed Elementary in May 2009 with our 5th graders. Here is the link to that presentation wiki: Touch and Go Presentation at EncycloMedia, Sept. 2009 )

In March and April, 2010, Steed Elementary students enjoyed using the iPod Touches we borrowed from Mid-Del Schools. Here are some of the apps that we used and how we used them in the classroom and the library. We found that all our students (PK-5) could learn with the iPod Touch.




Standard App. I used this app with students in 2nd--5th to introduce the iPod Touch: how to open close apps, and swipe to turn pages. We discussed the weather forecast since this app shows a chart of days, weather conditions, and temperature highs and lows. Great for math, reading a table, weather vocabulary.


Standard App. I showed students in 3rd-5th how to open a notes page and type notes or whatever. Make sure the student uses their Name and Topic on the first line, since that later becomes the file name. Notes files can be e-mailed to a teacher.


Standard App. I showed students in 2nd-5th how to do a screen capture in any app, and then it becomes a photo in Photos. Students can do screen captures to save things they've written, (as in iPoetry), or scores they have achieved in various learning Apps (such as PopMath). Students can also save a picture and make it the Wallpaper for the iPod Touch screen.


FREE. I showed students in WikiTap_Oklahoma.jpeg4th and 5th grade how to use WikiTap to access Wikipedia articles. Images in Wikipedia can be screen-captured and used in student projects, without violating any copyright laws.


FREE. We used Stanza with our 5th grade group in May 2009. We showed them how to download books such as Pride and Prejudice, or Adventures of Doctor Dolittle from the Gutenberg Project.

PopMath Basic Math, by PopSoft

$0.99. We had great success with this app with our 3rd graders,
external image mzl.kqqqmahi.320x480-75.jpg
who were practicing multiplication facts. I have never seen kids so excited about multiplication! "Pairs of bubbles float on the screen and your goal is to pop each pair" for example "7" and "3+4". Once you've popped the pairs, you can move on to the next level, or keep practicing. You can adjust settings for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, or a combination of all. You can also limit the numbers for each function, for example if the child is learning multiplication facts up to a certain number. I would suggest that students do a screen capture when they reach a certain level to show the teacher. (Some students might just pop bubbles at random without trying to do the math.) Having them to do a screen capture of every level they reach with no mistakes is one way to prevent this.

There is now a PopMath Maths Plus app, which is similar but has problems up to 1000 and multiplication facts up to 20.

123 Color, by KidCalc

$0.99. I used this app with PreK and external image mzl.ktxltuom.320x480-75.jpgKindergarten students. Most of them caught on how to color the pictures by matching the letters or numbers. For some students, the navigation was tricky for them, or their fingers were just a little too clumsy to touch the right area. They were happy when they completed a picture and the music played. I think updates to this app are making it easier. It is easier to use on the larger iPad.

KidCalc 7-in-1 Math

$0.99. A great first math app. external image mzl.svfbtwnk.320x480-75.jpgWe used this app with K, 1st, and 2nd graders. Number recognition, counting, and some easy math. The students can solve math problems on flashcards to reveal a puzzle picture. Writing numbers. Quantity recognition. Counting by increments. Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division. Reading numbers spelled out.

Stack the States Lite, by Dan Russell Pinson

external image mzl.nhpsprmd.320x480-75.jpgFREE. The paid version is just $0.99. Answer questions about the 50 states, and then drop them onto a platform. When the stack of states reaches the checkered line, you win a new state for your U.S. map. Kids can rotate the states before they drop them. Sometimes the states tumble and fall off. This part of the app is very entertaining and will motivate some reluctant students to keep answering questions. Questions include capitals, abbreviations, bordering states or countries, nicknames and more. A great program for familiarizing kids with states, their shapes, and state facts. I appreciate the fact that the states appear in relative size when it comes time to drop them. (And they're so darn cute!)

The U.S. States & Capitals, by Moatkin Systems

external image mzl.zhnjrmmt.320x480-75.jpg

$0.99. This app is great for our 4th external image mzl.snhatska.320x480-75.jpggraders learning the states. "Identify the states by shape. Learn the state capitals. Help the states fly to their location in the U.S. map, helping you learn their geographic locations and relative sizes." It's fun for adults, too, to see how well they know the states. This would also be great for elementary students to do with an older adult, tutor, family member.

States & Capitals Free, by 24x7 digital

*FREE. Has the first 13 external image mzl.womwqeja.320x480-75.jpgstates and capitals only. Flashcards include capital, flag, voice pronunciations, and a link to Google Maps for each state.

*Note: The Paid Version, States & Capitals, costs $0.99 and includes all 50 states.

ABC Dinosaurs, by StoryBoy

$0.99. First grade teachers external image mzl.eevdbzzp.320x480-75.jpgasked for this app, since their students were learning about dinosaurs. Their students loved it and could practice reading and saying the names of the dinosaurs. This is a great introductory app for K-2 kids since they can practice swiping, tapping, volume control, etc.

Dinosaurs, by American Museum of Natural Historyexternal image mzl.atiesvbp.320x480-75.jpg

FREE. Our kindergartners and external image mzl.odhopckj.320x480-75.jpg1st graders used this app. A great introductory app to use at any age level to explore pictures of dinosaur fossils, recreations, and natural history. Students can explore the mosaic of real photos. They can practice adjusting image size and orientation: swiping, tilting, double-tapping, or pinch & grab, pinch & spread. They can also learn about dinosaurs by selecting its story--scientific name, pronunciation, locale, age, date of discovery... An excellent exploratory app for 3-5 students doing dinosaur research.

Cat in the Hat, Seuss ABC, The Lorax, etc., by OceanHouse Media

external image Icon_Small_WhiteCorners.jpg
$3.99 each.
I want them now. I want them all. I want to buy them all for fall! external image Icon_Small_WhiteCorners.jpg
We used these apps in several ways with Kindergarten and 1st grade. Kids could read the story on their own, or listen to the story individually at their own pace or on autoplay. We also played the audio over the speakers in the library.
When kids touch any of the objects in texternal image Icon_Small_WhiteCorners.jpghe illustrations, the word for it zooms up. Great narration. OceanHouse Media is adding more and more titles every week.

Giraffe's Matching Zoo

by Tomato Interactive

FREE for a limited time. We used this app external image mzl.tkyfgojs.320x480-75.jpgwith Kindergarten while they were doing a zoo animals unit. It's a concentration-style game, where kids turn over cards to match animals. Our younger kids enjoyed it a lot.

Giraffe's Matching Zoo Deluxe, is $0.99 and has 3 levels of play, 35 animals, including aquatic animals, and "Fun Buttons" that unlock surprises after the child has completed two puzzles.

Zoo Sounds Lite, by Tantrum Apps

FREE. Kindergartners used this app external image mzl.paejepbl.320x480-75.jpg
while they were doing a zoo animals
unit. Kids can hear audio of the animals. A good introductory app. There are only 4 animals in this free version. The paid version is $0.99 and features 12 animals.

iZoo Free

by Mathison Software

external image mzl.spublqfq.320x480-75.jpgFREE. The paid version costs $0.99 and features more animals. This free version has over 50 animals in alphabetical order, plus a game in which kids listen to an audio clip and decide which of 4 animals pictured made that sound. The free version is all we needed to supplement our kindergarten and preschool zoo units.

Counting Coins


by K12, Inc.


Counting Bills & Coins

external image mzl.hjjzirna.320x480-75.jpgFREE. (Both apps!)
Whether you have an iPad, iPod, or iPod Touch, you need these free apps for your students to practice counting out money and making change.
Kids can drag coins, flip them over, sweep the board clear, and there are several real-world activities for them to practice.external image mzl.tjetrwmy.320x480-75.jpg


by Acoco Interactive

external image mzl.xjsyprap.320x480-75.jpg$0.99. Great for coin counting math for younger students. There are two settings--easy and normal. Quiz Game and Counting options. There is also a tutorial, and sound effects can be turned on or off.

Cash Cow

by Chillingo LTD

$0.99 for limited time. Great for counting coins in math. 3rd grade and up. The object is to save the farm by counting change in various games. The games get more involved as you advance, and there are lots of options for improving and designing your farm.
external image mzl.srxldqxm.320x480-75.jpg

ArithmeTick Math Flash Cards


by Pomegranate Software

external image mzl.dtjupwme.320x480-75.jpgFREE. Great app here for practicing addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, or a combination of skills. You can choose the difficulty level--Easy, Normal, Hard, Genius, or Einstein. For elementary, Easy or Normal is most appropriate, but having raised my own "Einstein," I know he would appreciate the challenge of these harder levels.

The column of apples on the right-hand side show how well you are doing. You get up to 10 points for a correct answer, depending on how long it takes you to answer. More correct answers earn you extra time. There is also a Practice Mode without score-keeping.

Have students take a screen shot of their score to show you how well they did.

This app was updated Sept. 2, 2010, and looks great on the iPad, too. It would be a good activity to have pairs of students practice math facts together on the larger iPad.

Math Drills Lite

by Instant Interactiveexternal image mzl.htwudyjp.320x480-75.jpg
external image mzl.xcyxubfz.320x480-75.jpgFREE. Great for 3rd grade and up. Students solve basic equations and enter the number, instead of just choosing from multiple answers. The math problems can be customized for the student, selecting addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. There are also several problem solving assists for the student: number lines, wooden blocks, facts, and hints.

Kids Math Ace Lite

by Brain Countsexternal image mzl.xhjakbse.320x480-75.jpg

FREE. Good for younger students external image mzl.ceedmjco.320x480-75.jpgto practice counting, addition, and subtraction with objects. Setup options allow the teacher or student to customize the experience.

Whiteboard Lite: Collaborative Drawing by GreenGar Studios


external image mzl.cnqzwndx.320x480-75.jpgFREE. A fun drawing tool. It takes a little instruction to show the kids how to tap to draw, tap twice to show hidden tools. Kids can write & decorate their names, draw pictures, save to Photos. Choose from 6 colors and an eraser. There is also a collaborative function. Kids on separate iPods can draw a picture together, even though they're across the room from each other. Whiteboard Pro costs $3.99 and has more colors and features. (The Lite version is just fine for the younger student--fewer options = more time on task.)

iPoetry 101

by Joel Epsteinexternal image mzl.msuvojqr.320x480-75.jpg

$0.99. A great tool for external image mzl.xxodjiem.320x480-75.jpgencouraging kids in grades 3 and up to write poetry. Choose from one of the 8 poem types shown at left. App gives info on each poem type: objectives, ideas for brainstorming & prewriting, revision, and checks. You can see examples and create your own original poetry, following the guiding prompts for each line. (For example, "enter a singular noun." Students can do screen captures of the poems they write in order to save them to Photos, where they can then be e-mailed or shared with teacher and classmates. Reinforces grammar and parts of speech. A must for your poetry writing unit.