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Keyboarding on the iPod Touch

ABCya Keyboard Challenge Game

Practice "typing" your name, spelling words, and new vocabulary. Get familiar with where the letters are on the keyboard.



The Hallo-Wiener, by Dav Pilkey
external image halloweiner.jpg

Author/Illustrator Dav Pilkey's website
What authors and illustrators do. Author's Purpose. How a book is created.

Behind the Book: How the book The Hallo-Wiener was made, from Dav Pilkey's website.

Hallowiener coloring page: http://www.pilkey.com/bookview.php?id=38&pg=print-play#color

Read about Dav Pilkey in cartoon format!external image md-pic4.jpg

Dictionary Dig
Introduction to using dictionaries. Students will be using our new dictionaries to learn how to look up words quickly and explore the definitions.

Epossumondas, by Coleen Salley and Janet Stevens
external image 14567793.JPG
We looked up POSSUM in the World Book Encycylopedia and learned that it is a furry marsupial that lives in Australia and New Guinea.

After reading this funny noodlehead folktale together, the students did a sequence activity in groups, putting the story back together using sentence strips with 12 events from the story.


World Almanac for Kids
external image wak00052.jpg
Parts of a book, including title page, table of contents, glossary and index.

How to use an index in the almanac. We used the document camera and our 2009 almanac class set to look up information on deserts and ants, to go along with 2nd grade curriculum. We worked with alphabetical order and nonfiction text features. And learned about deserts and ant colonies!


The Librarian from the Black Lagoon, by Mike Thaler
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Library Orientation PowerPoint
Using the Library

Positive Attitudes toward the Library

Goldie Socks and the Three Libearians, by Jackie Mims Hopkins
external image 15325120.JPG
Taking Care of Books in the Library

Choosing a "Just Right" Book, using the 5-finger rule (start reading the first page with your fist closed. Every time you come to a word that is too hard for you, raise one finger. If you raise all 5 fingers on the first page, the book is probably too hard for you to read. Find another book that is a little easier. A few hard words on every page should be okay.)

Solar System Page from Monarch Library
Second grade classes are exploring the solar system. There are great resources for younger kids on this wiki page. Monarch Academy Library is in Oakland, CA. Mrs. Hartley follows their librarian, Ms. K, on Twitter.

"Meet Shelly the Shelf Marker" PowerPoint
We reviewed how we use a shelf marker when we're looking for books, so the books will stay in order.You can see a few pictures from this PowerPoint on the How to Use Our Library page of this wiki.