4th Grade Page



Fiction Genres

Book Detective Activity
Exploring different fiction genres.

Finding bibliographic in nonfiction books, and using the contents, glossary, and index to find interesting facts.


Dictionary Scavenger Hunt
Building dictionary skills and using the definitions to help answer questions.

Thesaurus Activity
Introduction to Thesaurus.
Activity: Rewrite sentences using synonyms from the thesaurus.

Not a lesson, but a poem written by Mr. Rhoades, and performed by 4th grade students at Charger Connection on October 1, 2010.

“Sooner Magic”
by Tim Rhoades

Welcome to October
a month full of fun
cooler weather, changing leaves
because there is less sun

But for one day in October
south of the Red River
you will find the Texas Longhorns
start to shake and quiver

They have to face the Sooners
in a game played midday
and when the Sooners are victorious
the Longhorns will hear them say

Boomer Sooner!


Sept. 28, Free BrainPop Movie: Online Sources

4th Grade TRAILS Assessment
(Practice Only)
Accessing Information--evaluate the trustworthiness of an online source.

Pre-Assessment of Information Literacy Skills


Library Orientation PowerPoint
Using a Shelf Marker PowerPoint
Review of Using the Library
Responsible Use of the Library
Finding a "Just Right" Book

  1. Library Terms Quiz
  2. Library Terms Crossword Puzzle

(Both from Interactive Quizzes by Tami Maloney website)
Parts of a Book
Library Vocabulary Review