5th Grade Page



Fiction Genres

Book Detective Activity
Exploring different fictional genres. See slide show above.

Finding bibliographic information in nonfiction books. Using the contents, glossary, and index to find interesting facts.


Dictionary Scavenger Hunt
Build dictionary skills. Use information from dictionary to answer questions.

Thesaurus Lesson
Build thesaurus skills. Rewrite sentences using synonyms from the thesaurus.


Free BrainPop Movie--Online Sources
Accessing Information--evaluate the trustworthiness of an online source.


See below

Library Orientation

5th Graders: Write some good library rules or practices for us on our Pirate Pad. We will look at what everybody writes together.

Aug. 31 -- We will be learning how to check books in and out

Mrs. Neal's homeroom may start checking in and out on their own.
Miss Allen's homeroom may only do check in for now.

Checking Books IN

=returning books to the library
  1. Make sure you're on the Check In Tab. Scan Check In command barcode.
  2. Scan your Steed book barcode
  3. Look for the book title and your name
  4. Scan the RESET command barcode before you leave

  5. Park the scanner in its stand.

Checking Books OUT

=taking books out of the library in your name
  1. Make sure you're on the Check Out Tab. Scan Check Out command barcode.
  2. Enter your number or scan your student barcode.
  3. Look for your name. See if you still have books out.
  4. Scan your Steed book barcode,
  5. Look for the book title
  6. Scan the RESET command barcode before you leave.

  7. Park the scanner in its stand.


--See Mrs. Hartley, Mrs. Helaire, or a Library Volunteer
  1. Renewing a book -- when you've scanned it more than once. Usually okay.
  2. Checked out to someone else--STOP and check it in. Then check it out to yourself.
  3. Barcode does not exist--You scanned the store barcode instead of the Steed barcode. Try again.
  4. Checking in a book and you get "Used in Library" -- Maybe you checked in the book twice, or it wasn't checked out to you properly the first time. Okay.
  5. Not sure? Click on RESET and try again.

September 14--We will do a pre-test of our information skills.

5th Grade TRAILS Assessment (Practice)