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Have fun with your brain! Math and reading games, web comics, Sudoku, and more!

Teachers: Help students find learning games by grade level, and by school subject: math, science, language arts, history, music, geography, art, technology, and physical education. (Just click on "Find a Game by Grade" (located right above the Teachers logo at the bottom of the FunBrain homepage)
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Peep and the Big Wide World

Play games! Great for PreK and Kindergarten.external image pri_index_peep_quack_bee.gif

Science and Math activities, games, music, and videos,
for kids in PreK and Kindergarten.

Spelling City

(with Regina Hartley as teacher name)

Learn spelling and vocabulary from Mrs. Hartley's Spelling and Vocabulary Online Resources . Play games with the vocabulary words, too!

Library Vocabulary is the first list. It is for 4th and 5th grades. More to come...


Click on a book and have a famous actor read it to you! Turn the captions on, and you can read along!

You will need the volume turned up and maybe use headphones. Mrs. Hartley really likes the stories Harry the Dirty Dog and Guji Guji. What are your favorites?

Switcheroo Zoo

"At Switcheroo Zoo you can make new animals, play games, solve jigsaw puzzles, learn about animals, join a zoo quest, watch movies, and more!"

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Word Central

Greetings, Humanoids!
Greetings, Humanoids!

Look up new words from your reading on Word Central and play some word games.

Word Central is an online dictionary just for kids! It also has a rhyming dictionary and a thesaurus. There are also some fun word games: Alpha-bot, Robo-Bee, BIGbot, and Jumble Kids.